How we can help you

Keeping You Safe | What We Can Do to Help You

There are a number of ways that TOG can help its members put in place appropriate working practices in their offices and look after their own employees. These include:

  • A number of consumables including PPE, hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes will be available at cost for members to purchase on-site, in order to minimise trips out of the office during the working day. Details of these and many other products which we are providing at cost to our members can be found in our Health & Personal Safety Client Services brochure.

  • Four office optimisation packages are available if you’d like to explore how revising your space layout can support new ways of working. This includes informal meeting areas, breakout space and room zoning options. Speak to your Building Manager to find out more.

  • Priority access to shared workspace where there is availability to help employees to spread out.

  • Priority access to available expansion space if needed.

  • Organising cleaning provision, beyond the enhanced levels that we are already providing, if required. This could include regular deep cleaning of offices and fogging if this is deemed necessary – details can be found in our client services brochure above.

Should you wish to move offices to more convenient locations in order to reduce commuting times and the need to use public transport we will work with you to provide suitable building and pricing options.

Keeping You Safe | Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

At TOG we always want to give you to opportunity to tell us what you think, and we listen to our members’ feedback. We will continue to do so throughout this difficult time and will communicate with members to ensure you are updated with regards to the service we are providing. We will continually speak with our members via our portfolio management team to obtain feedback and understand if there are any concerns that are not being addressed.

As you know we ran a client survey recently in partnership with Leesman Index and we will not only be taking on board all feedback to help inform Return to Work priorities and actions; we will also share, more broadly, the key findings that we believe you will find helpful while planning your own business Return to Work programmes.

We will continue to deliver our important broader communication updates via our member newsletter emails, and only revert to building specific service email updates when our Member Hosts are back onsite, so do please subscribe to our updates if you wish to be kept abreast of all our activities including our exclusive virtual member events programme. This programme facilitates important connections between members and offers free business advice and training. In addition, it aims to support members’ wellbeing, for example by offering yoga, meditation and fitness classes and much needed distractions in the form of art and creativity classes.

Please be aware occasionally we will have to email all our clients when communicating required service updates with regards to COVID-19 – we are required to send these to you, even if you have opted out of marketing emails. This is in line with GDPR requirements.

Further communications in a light-touch format can be found on all of our social channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Return to Work | Supporting our members

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Keeping you safe | Our commitment to you

How we’ve prepared our staff and buildings and adapted our spaces.

Keeping safe | What you can do

How we’re asking you and your teams to respond to the guidelines.