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As you can tell we have been closely following government advice on bringing you back to work safely. We aren’t going to tell members exactly what to do within their office space, but we also recognise that you are going to want to work in as safe an environment as possible. Your first point of call in deciding what is safe should be the latest government guidelines which can be found here.

In summary, these guidelines advise the following:

Consider ensuring that the physical distancing measures that we have introduced in the common areas of the TOG buildings are implemented in your own office spaces. This should mean you are:

Encouraging colleagues to stagger their working days – e.g. by starting outside the rush hour, working from the office only on certain days if it is possible etc.

Allowing and encouraging employees who can work from home to continue, particularly regarding employees who are ‘clinically vulnerable’ or living with someone who is. Relevant employees should be able to remain physically distanced away from others at 2 metres wherever possible, or 1+ metre with mitigating actions such as face coverings. Guidance can be found here.

Putting one-way systems in place within larger offices to avoid colleagues bumping into each other by mistake.

Consider whether partitioning would be helpful within your space. If so, please contact your Building Manager.

Spacing desks further apart and encouraging some staff to work elsewhere within the TOG building, e.g. in coworking or communal spaces. If you believe you have excess desks in your office, let us know and we can remove accordingly.

You should ensure the best hygiene standards are followed. It is advisable to put the following in place to encourage this:

  • Hand sanitisers available in every workspace.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes available in every office for employees to clean keyboards, desks, chairs and other points of contact regularly.

Ensure that your office space is kept as clean as possible. We will deep clean your office before your return, and your office will be subjected to the enhanced cleaning procedures outlined above. You may also wish to deep clean your office even more regularly, and we can organise this for you at cost.

Reduce infection risk by reducing commutes to the office. This means encouraging people not to travel during the rush hour unless it’s really necessary, and if possible, making it possible for them to commute on foot or by bicycle. In some cases, it may mean introducing staggered shifts and variable staff rotas to reduce occupancy in workspaces at any given time. It may also mean encouraging employees who are able to do so to work from another TOG building that is nearer to their home, if there is space for us to accommodate this. To make this easier for you, we will develop a list of buildings that will have pre-bookable drop in space where we have been able to convert offices into coworking areas.

Keeping You Safe | What We’re Asking from Guests

The Leesman Index member survey highlights the fact that you are missing being able to host visitors for meetings – currently only 24% of you feel you are able to do this at home or elsewhere. We are looking forward to allowing visitors back into TOG buildings, but we want to make sure that your guests, and other visitors to the building, are properly informed about our processes. We also need to make sure that the need for guests to visit the building is balanced by our desire to keep our members and TOG employees as safe as possible. In order to achieve this, we have produced the following guidelines:  

  • We recommend that you limit the number of guests coming to our TOG locations where possible.

  • Guests will only be permitted in the buildings between the hours of 09.00 and 17.00, Monday to Friday.

  • If you are expecting a guest, please notify us 24 hours in advance with their details, including whether if they may require accessibility support. We ask that you wait by reception at the time of arrival so you can escort them to your office or a meeting room once signed in. This will prevent too many of guests waiting at once so everyone can respect physical distancing. If you are not there to greet your guest, they may be asked to wait outside.

  • As part of the sign-in process, your guest will be asked to read our safety guidelines which will be available on the reception desk. We also ask that you send a copy to guests prior to their visit so they know what to expect: download guidelines here.

  • Until we inform you otherwise, our communal spaces are for members only, so please arrange a meeting room to meet with your guest or make use of your office space.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests respect physical distancing and follow our health and safety guidelines at all times whilst in a TOG building.  Please make sure you accompany your guest at all times.

  • Please ensure that your guests sign out upon exiting the building.

  • Some shared, landlord run buildings may have additional guest access measures in place. Please bring these to your guests’ attention ahead of their visit. These buildings include; The Shard, 20 Eastbourne Terrace, East Side, The Gridiron Building, The Bloomsbury Building, One Canada Square, Orion House and White Collar Factory.

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