How to stay well

Rachel Fellowes shares ways to keep your mind and body healthy 

As founder and wellbeing chief of Yoke Consultancy, Rachel Fellowes helps people take care of themselves. 

Don't push yourself  

If we’re stressed or tired, we’ll often have too much cortisol in our system. This is a 'fight or flight' hormone, designed to let us know when we're in danger. The temptation may be to have an intense workout as a release, but this will actually boost cortisol levels further. Regular yoga or swimming can be a better way to support our nervous system and rebalance stress during difficult periods. 

Write it down 

Journaling can be a powerful reassuring exercise that helps us focus on the positives in our life. Every night for a week, list one thing you're grateful for. At the end of the week, review your list and see how you feel having noted down these thoughts. Some people even set up WhatsApp gratitude groups with friends as a source of daily positivity. 

Engage your brain 

When did you last learn something new? Buy two copies of a non-fiction book that is outside of your comfort zone, give one to a friend and both commit to reading it before the end of the month. Then, meet up for a coffee and discuss – a mini book club of sorts. 

Find your purpose  

When we combine our passion with perseverance, we can sustain our purpose. Try this simple GRIT score to see where you are in your journey. At Yoke, we can do these assessments in more depth to help clarify a greater sense of purpose in what you do. 


Meaningful volunteering with those less fortunate than yourself offers a valuable way to gain perspective on your own ups and downs. Try giving up two hours each month to a good cause that helps others and see how it makes you feel. 

Nurture your relationships  

When was the last time you had a whole evening or day with a loved one and it wasn’t interrupted by technology? Plan a technology-free date and observe how much more connected you feel afterwards. 

Sort out your finances  

Whether you’re good or bad with money, make time to reflect on where you’re at financially and set a realistic budget. Take time to do this properly, and clearly define your boundaries to give you a concrete plan to stick to. 

Rachel Fellowes is founder and wellbeing chief of Yoke Consultancy 

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