Down to the last detail

Take a closer look at what makes United House so special 

United House in Notting Hill is TOG's latest opening. It was designed in collaboration with the award-winning Universal Design Studios, and takes much of its aesthetic inspiration from the building's eclectic west London home. As Universal Design Studio's Becky White explains, attention to detail was paramount. 

The banquette seating is made from natural tanned leather, chosen for its quality and durability. It ages beautifully. It’s a vegetable tan, dyed with timbers and bark to create a natural tone
The reception desks are made from black marble, which gives a sense of understated luxury. The irregular patterns in the marble look striking juxtaposed with the scalloped matt tiles we also used for the desks
The screens are made from a 100 per cent cotton fabric mesh, inspired by rattan furniture. The open weave allows people to see through the material, while providing a level of privacy in the co-working areas
The office façades are made from grey stained ash. Using timber helped us achieve a muted, natural palette, and the character and uniqueness in the grain adds an organic texture. We stained the wood grey to desaturate the tone and retain its visible grain
The carpets in co-working areas are made from sisal, chosen for its natural, warm-toned weave and comfort. It’s sustainable, biodegradable, and incredibly strong. Sisal's also anti-static as its fibres help to control humidity
We also used end-grain timber in the co-working areas as a visual reference to the cobbles of the local mews in Notting Hill. The timber is extremely durable, due to the wooden blocks being sawn crosswise to the grain
The carpet in the meeting rooms is green-grey, which complements the warm, earthy colours we’ve used elsewhere. It’s dark enough to hold the space properly, but also has a slight sheen to create levels of both light and dark
A selection of the meeting room furniture is upholstered in this yellow fabric, which is a high-quality, heavy basket weave. It’s a pleasure to sit on, and provides one of several pops of colour

Becky White is a designer at Universal Design Studio

Find out more about United House here.