Eight collaborative work spaces where teams can get together

Reconnect with colleagues in one of our spaces designed with collaborative working in mind

In today’s brave new world of hybrid working, flexibility means different things to different people – and to different businesses too. We all know that having a choice of where you work is crucially important, with the option to separate your time between the office and home or, if you’re a TOG member, to utilise different Work Spaces across the TOG platform.

The past two years have also given us all the opportunity to reflect on the different kinds of work we do during our day and to re-examine what we’re really using offices for. Pre-pandemic, knowledge workers were expected to be at their desks to crunch numbers or fire off emails. Now, that’s shifting, with more and more companies empowering their teams to work from home when they’re performing solo tasks, but to be in the office for team training, workshopping and collaboration – creating the best of both worlds.

The science is there to back up this approach, too. Research by the University of Michigan has demonstrated that teams who collaborate in ‘war rooms’ (not quite the terminology we go for at TOG, but the point still stands) are twice as productive as those who collaborate remotely. Likewise, a study by Harvard has shown that when researchers work together in close proximity they’re up to three times more collaborative, producing more creative ideas and solutions.

So, as you perfect your own take on hybrid working, here’s a reminder that TOG’s platform is filled with beautifully designed creative spaces to collaborate with colleagues and re-connect your teams. Here are some of our favourites:

Lounge, United House


United House’s lounge was designed in partnership with Universal Design Studio to reflect the building’s cosmopolitan surroundings in the heart of Notting Hill, with Portobello Road and the neighbourhood’s multi-coloured terraced mews just a few minutes away. The lounge itself is filled with different colours and textures, comfortable seating, hop-on hop-off work tables and plenty of natural light. It’s an uplifting place to spend an afternoon when you’re in search of a different, stimulating environment.

Deckchair cinema, Albert House

Shoreditch & City

The ground floor at Albert House is designed with a playful speakeasy feel. There’s a bar and café at its heart surrounded by comfortable banquette seating and break-out space. Opposite the bar, there’s a cinema and screening area, with raised banks of seating and a collection of deck chairs to recline in. It’s a great spot for a laid-back creative brainstorm or a hybrid meeting and is secluded enough to offer you some privacy from the rest of the floor. Just don’t forget the popcorn.

Terraces, Kirby Street


Our Kirby Street Work Space boasts no fewer than three terraces across the ground, lower ground and first floors, plus a roof terrace and an additional private terrace on the fourth floor, so it’s a great space to make for on a sunny day. Spend some time catching a few rays with colleagues – it’s the perfect spot for some blue sky thinking.

Lounge, Thomas House

Victoria & Vauxhall

Thomas House’s swish, open-plan lounge benefits from a café, adjoining terrace and raised seating area on the other side of the reception desk, so you have plenty of options for collaborative working if you need some space to break-out or catch-up with teammates. There’s a gym, roof garden and recharge room at Thomas House too, so it’s a great Work Space to build your day around.

Spanish Steps, Oper46


We couldn’t resist including one of our German spaces in this otherwise London-centric line-up. Our new Work Space in Frankfurt, Oper46, is designed around a striking staircase from the ground to first floor, which handily doubles as break-out space too. It’s a stunning place to sit and be, and a feat of design from architects dMFK. Lit by the building’s central light well with comfy cushions to perch on, use the steps to check-in with your team or work together on a group task.

Members’ bar, One Lyric Square


On the 13th floor of One Lyric Square in Hammersmith sits the members’ bar. It’s a statement feature with panoramic views over west London – during the day you can head up there for a coffee and a quick reset. We think it’s a great space to catch-up or spend some time strategising with colleagues, set against the bar’s buzzy atmosphere. There’s also a trio of sizeable meeting rooms up there, if you need a dedicated presentation or workshopping space.

Roof garden and ground floor garden, Tintagel House

Victoria & Vauxhall

The former Metropolitan Police’s HQ looks and feels quite different to its heyday, and its sizeable roof garden is just one of several changes we made in restoring Tintagel House with architects Stanton Williams and Universal Design Studio. Nevertheless, with its great views over the Thames and beyond, and its variety of seating settings, the roof garden is an inspiring place to get stuck into some group working. Oh, and there’s a ground floor terrace right on the river, too.

Lounge, Liberty House

West End

Last but by no means least, the lounge at Liberty House – our new Work Space on Regent Street – is made with creative thinkers in mind. Inspired by our next-door neighbour, the iconic London department store Liberty London, the space makes striking use of colour and is filled with abstract textile artwork that references Liberty’s fashion heritage. If you’re in search of inspiration, drop in and sit soft on one of the lounge’s many plush sofas, or hop onto the striking jade green central island desk with its core of green plants.

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