How we made this: Liberty House

TOG’s design team take you behind the doors of our new creative work space on Regent Street

What comes to mind when you think of Liberty London – the 146-year-old luxury department store, nestled just off Regent Street in the heart of London’s West End? When The Office Group’s design team were posed this very question, the two words that sprang to mind were ‘creativity’ and ‘craftsmanship’.

“It was really exciting to think about,” says Habab Ahmed, TOG’s furniture, fixtures & equipment designer. “The building is very historic and Liberty’s design legacy is huge.” So, when it came to designing Liberty House, TOG’s latest work space – which occupies six floors of a grand Grade II listed building on Regent Street – channelling a sense of creativity was key to the design.

“With its prime location on Regent Street, Liberty House is one of the most notable locations we’ve worked on for a while,” Ahmed continues, “so we instinctively wanted to do something completely different. The design for Liberty House draws on two elements: the history of the building itself and also of Liberty London and Carnaby Street around the corner.”

To this end, Liberty House is filled with colour and texture, with certain elements of the palette drawn from archival Liberty textile prints, sourced by award-winning architecture studio, SODA, who worked with TOG’s design team on the building’s restoration and redesign. The space’s artwork likewise references Liberty’s roots, with a mixture of fashion photography and hand-woven textiles on show.

Liberty House also features Liberty Rooms: a separate part of the building dedicated entirely to meeting rooms and suites for collaborative working. These will be accessible to book by all TOG members, not just those based in Liberty House. Liberty Rooms has its own entrance off Kingly Street and a dedicated reception. In deference to Carnaby Street’s dynamic past, each meeting room has its own distinct design scheme.

Sustainability was another focus in designing Liberty House, feeding into the space’s crafted feel. Parvathy Vipulendran, an architect at SODA, explains, “We tried to be very thoughtful in our use of materials. We laid timber flooring made from offcuts of wood and also introduced a material called D-Wrap that is made from recycled plastic. The biggest recurring feature is altrock – it's a byproduct of the marble industry that we used for hard surfaces and work tops. It’s really rich in colour so was perfect for the space.”

This thoughtful use of materials runs throughout the design scheme, uniting Liberty House and Liberty Rooms; two spaces designed to foster collaboration and creative working. “It’s definitely one of the most daring design schemes we’ve worked on in a TOG work space”, says Ahmed. “We spent a huge amount of time trying to figure out how both inspirations could inhabit the space, but also work together.

“Whereas Liberty House’s lounges are a little more muted than Liberty Rooms, there are little pockets of colour and design surprises throughout to keep you inspired. We can’t wait to see what our clients think of it.”

Liberty House is open now. Click here to book a viewing or make an inquiry