Make light work

Artist Lauren Baker plays with light in her piece for TOG’s United House meditation room 

A contemporary British artist whose work explores the universe, human connection and the environment, Lauren Baker created the artwork for the meditation room in United House. We discuss creativity, meditation, and how art can help in difficult times.   

What inspires you? 

Human connection and the immensity of the universe are my primary themes. Nikola Tesla said, 'If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' That summarises pretty much all of my work; the secret to the universe is the secret of human connection – everything encompasses everything. 

What does creativity mean to you? 

It’s brought me so much joy. I was on a search for the meaning of life, and I found it in creativity. I connect with people through my art – it’s my reflections on the world and the energy of my soul. People are magnetically drawn to some of my pieces, and then we make beautiful, real-life connections. There’s something about creativity that just touches people. I’m bringing incredible, like-minded people into my life through my artwork, which I really love. 

Can you tell us about the artwork you’ve created for United House's meditation room?

It’s all about frequency and energy. It’s an LED colour piece, using the whole rainbow spectrum of colour. It slowly and smoothly vibrates through all these different colour energies and combinations. I was inspired by the frequency of Earth, so the primary colours in there are greens and blues, but there are also all the colours of the sunset. I want people to get transfixed, to stop rushing, breathe and have that moment where they become still and present.   

Is meditation a part of your daily routine? 

I do between five and 20 minutes a day. Sometimes I’ll do either meditation or journaling. With my journaling I’ll record my dreams and five things and people I’m grateful for. I’m known for being a light artist and for my positivity; my routines and ways of being in real life are reflected in my creations, so keeping myself in a peak state of powerful thought and wellbeing is key to my artwork having a beautiful effect on people. With the clarity and peaceful mind that comes with meditation, creativity can just flow. 

How can art help us in these challenging times we’re living in? 

Art takes humans to a higher state of consciousness. I think more than ever we need art in our lives, and to be connecting through creativity. There’s a hashtag flying around, #creativityincrisis, and that is exactly what we need; to tap into our own creativity, connect and share, and find any positives amongst the darkness.  

Ian Hsieh is a freelance writer based in Cornwall. A regular contributor to Mr Porter Journal and the Guardian, he writes about music, film, culture and lifestyle

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