Future of work

From wellness to sustainability, explore innovations in the brave new world of work

How to host a great hybrid meeting

Hybrid meetings are set to become a permanent part of how we all work. Here’s how to create a meeting that has your whole team feeling engaged and connected

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29 Jun '21

3 mins.

Blue sky thinking

Take some time out on our roof gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces this spring

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21 May '21

3 mins.

Ideas to change the world: Post Carbon Lab

Could the clothes you wear be a solution to climate change? Post Carbon Lab thinks so, this

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12 May '21

4 mins.

Doing deep work

After the mother of all interruptions, we quiz three productivity gurus on how to focus as we return

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12 Apr '21

5 mins.

Comfort is key

Behavioural psychologist, Professor Carolyn Mair, unpicks the learnings of our research report on

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6 Apr '21

2 mins.

Report: The work wardrobe embraces a flexible future

TOG explores how our clothes and our working environment affect the way we think, feel and act

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29 Mar '21

12 mins.

Would a world without email be better for all of us?

Yes, it would, says work place productivity guru, Cal Newport

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26 Mar '21

6 mins.