Future of work

From wellness to sustainability, explore innovations in the brave new world of work

Why mental health support is crucial as we all return to the office

The smartest employers will take a nuanced approach to tackling their teams’ reopening anxiety, says TOG’s People Director, Sarah Gillett

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19 Aug '21

5 mins.

Ideas to change the world: Post Carbon Lab

Could the clothes you wear be a solution to climate change? Post Carbon Lab thinks so, this

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12 May '21

4 mins.

Doing deep work

After the mother of all interruptions, we quiz three productivity gurus on how to focus as we return

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12 Apr '21

5 mins.

Comfort is key

Behavioural psychologist, Professor Carolyn Mair, unpicks the learnings of our research report on

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6 Apr '21

2 mins.

Report: The work wardrobe embraces a flexible future

TOG explores how our clothes and our working environment affect the way we think, feel and act

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29 Mar '21

12 mins.

Would a world without email be better for all of us?

Yes, it would, says work place productivity guru, Cal Newport

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26 Mar '21

6 mins.

All change please

The pandemic has turned our railway station buildings into destinations in their own right

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4 Dec '20

4 mins.