Meditate with OPO

Make the most of your day with this series of meditations from OPO

TOG has joined forces with wellness experts OPO to launch an immersive Mindful Lounge in our newest space, United House in Notting Hill. It's the latest addition to our range of wellness amenities across our buildings, allowing you to relax and recharge during your work day.

This series of meditations from OPO is designed to support you throughout the day – and enjoy a good night's sleep. 

OPO Pause. Breathe. Reset.

This session is designed for quick brain reset, useful for when you're between meetings or need to transition quickly out of one experience and into another. With PBR, you enter into your next moment with greater clarity and relaxation. The session is infused with sounds that enhance brain circuitry.

OPO Morning

Research shows our first 30 minutes of thoughts after waking tend to define the way we behave for the rest of the day. This session sets us up to form good mental and emotional patterns for the day. The soundscapes are designed to compliment the serotonin boosts we naturally experience at this time. 


A midday meditation is an effective way of levelling out a potentially stressful morning, and reset us for the rest of the day. The focus is on the maintenance of good brain power, so we can be remain grounded and relaxed for the rest of the day. 

OPO Sunset

This meditation is designed for reflection –  a time to go a little deeper into the meditative state. It's a way of letting go of the day and having a good night's sleep. The soundscapes are designed to relax both the physical and mental systems, and invite more melatonin – the sleep hormone – into the body. 

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