Virtual member events

Over the coming months, we’ll be running Business as (un)usual, a series of virtual events, workshops and guides to help you keep positive and productive. Join us to find your new balance, adapt your business, work from home productively with design tips and posture clinics, cook to boost your immunity and meditate to a positive mindset.

TOG x Naked Ideas | Brand & communications health check

Monday 1st June 09:00 - Tuesday 30th June 17:00

Book a 1:1 branding and digital design workshop with brand agency Naked Ideas and gain insights into how to position your business for success, both during and after COVID-19. Designed to check in on your brand and communication health and offer impartial advice, it’s the perfect prescription for right now and for looking ahead.

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TOG x Incisive Edge | Marketing clinic

Monday 1st June 09:00 - Tuesday 30th June 17:00

Unsure of where to go from here? Book a 1:1 session with marketing agency Incisive Edge – a fellow TOG member. Addressing how to adapt your marketing and campaign strategies to cope with these challenging times, it’s a must for planning for and facing the future with optimism – and ideas.

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TOG x My Manor | Virtual workouts

Wednesday 3rd June 08:00 - Wednesday 24th June 08:45

Join the MANOR experts for two different online workouts.

The Volume sessions will develop strength and tone through a bodyweight only tempo workout led by an expert MANOR Coach. Learn to create maximum muscle activation with simple movements, feel the burn and earn your DOMS.

The Capacity sessions are a sweaty, bodyweight only cardio workout. Get your heart pumping and those endorphins coursing with this simple to follow session using intervals and programmed blocks of work to elicit results.

All sessions will feature an assistant coach providing you with personalised feedback throughout the workout.

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TOG x triyoga | Chair yoga classes

Thursday 4th June 10:00 - 10:45

Take a break and take a seat. These sessions from triyoga are designed to capture our need for a new normal, facing long sits on chairs and at desks that, albeit temporary, are not the ideal office set up for our back health. Focusing on posture, breathing and chest opening exercises, help combat the slump and protect your neck, back and shoulders while you’re working from home.

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TOG x Little Imaginations | Children’s role play: dinosaurs

Tuesday 9th June 10:30 - 11:00

A little bit of escapism is exactly what we (and the kids!) need right now, and these fun sessions by Little Imaginations are role play adventures for pre-schoolers aged 3-5, taught by professional actors. Designed to build confidence, vocabulary and creativity in the early years through the magic of role play drama, this session explores the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. It comes with a prop list of items you’ll easily find around the house and all your little ones need to bring is their imaginations (and a few roars).

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TOG x Coyne Partners | Employment law clinic

Wednesday 10th June 10:00 - Wednesday 24th June 15:00

Specialist employment law firm and TOG members Coyne Partners are offering free 1-1 30-minute consultations, bookable on telephone or video call, to answer any employment, HR or legal questions, particularly in response to COVID-19 including:

  • Pay or process questions relating to furloughed staff
  • The impact of furloughing staff on on-going grievances or disciplinaries
  • Making redundancies
  • Paying and looking after staff who are ill, isolating or shielding
  • Reducing pay or implementing other changes to terms of employment
  • Meeting obligations of safe place to work for homeworkers
  • Strategy on getting workforce back to full operational capacity post-lockdown

Please note that these sessions are designed for employers rather than employees.

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TOG Education Sessions | Managing stress

Friday 12th June 09:00 - Friday 19th June 10:30

There’s no denying that right now is a stressful time. Whether stress is presenting itself in your everyday, affecting your sleep or bubbling away under the surface, our latest TOG Education Session can help. Led by TOG’s Head of Talent, Maria Melloni, it aims to help us understand what stress is, learn practical steps to manage it, remain productive, healthy and to build resilience. A real stress-buster of a session.

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TOG Design Series | Your home workspace

Monday 15th June 09:00 - Tuesday 23rd June 09:45

Join us as TOG’s Head of Design, Nasim Koerting guides us through creating our perfect home workspaces. We start off by covering the basic ergonomics of your workstation and look at a few technical tips and tricks to working comfortably and productively at home. We will then move into how to style and decorate your space for boosting wellbeing and creativity – including creating a ‘zoom backdrop’ that really reflects your own personal style. We’ll be all eyes and ears.

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TOG x My Manor | Men’s mental health fireside talk

Monday 15th June 17:00 - 18:00

During this week, our virtual events are focused on supporting our menfolk’s overall health for Men’s Mental Health Week. TOG members MANOR kick things off by hosting a virtual fireside talk about the issues that may affect men and are offering simple pointers to encourage positive mental health. Particularly poignant during COVID-19 with its increased risk to both our physical and mental wellbeing, there’s never been a better time to be brave, speak out and let others know it’s ok to do the same. Not to be missed. 

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TOG x Maple & Co. | Your gym diet

Tuesday 16th June 16:00 - 17:00

Maple & Co.’s latest food talk ties in with Men’s Mental Health Week and focuses on smashing your gym diet. It will cover:

  • Blood sugar balance and insulin resistance
  • Your body weight and management (leptin and metabolism)
  • Foods for weight management; carbs, protein and fat
  • Training goals and nutrition, both pre and post-workout

Plus, a quick and easy 5 ingredient meal (think a burger or power grain bowl) with a live demo. That’s what we call ‘gains’.

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TOG x Mr 30 Something | Men’s grooming tutorial

Wednesday 17th June 13:00 - 13:45

As part of our series of Men’s Mental Health Week virtual events, men’s lifestyle blogger, Ed Lamont presents a fun and informative grooming tutorial. Delivering all we need to know about retinols, SPFs and hyaluronic acids, we’ll be looking better in no time. Not just for men of course, we reckon the girls will want to tune into this one too.

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TOG x Wonderosity | Dreamcatcher crafting & meaning of dreams

Thursday 18th June 17:00 - 18:00

Midsummer celebrations are upon us, so to celebrate the height of the summer season, our modern day spiritual guide, Jake Kuit teaches us how to create a natural dreamcatcher. You’ll be sent a small kit with the basics and a guide to other items you’ll easily find around the house/in your local area. The beautiful dreamcatcher crafting will be followed by a short course in understanding the hidden messages in our dreams. Sounds dreamy to us.

Please note, the deadline to sign up to this event is 11th June and we will ask for a full UK address.

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TOG x Little Imaginations | Children’s role play: superheroes

Tuesday 23rd June 10:30 - 11:00

This fun session by Little Imaginations is perfect for little ones and grown-ups who are in need of some creative distraction and engaging playtime. This superhero role play adventure is designed for pre-schoolers aged 3-5, taught by professional actors. Designed to build confidence, vocabulary and creativity in the early years through the magic of role play drama, this session explores the wonderful world of superheroes. It comes with a prop list of items you’ll easily find around the house and all your little ones need to bring is their imaginations (and maybe a cape or two). 

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TOG x Co StartUp & Go | The Pivot Clinic

Wednesday 24th June 09:00 - 18:00

Book in for your 1:1 session with CoStartup & Go, a dynamic start-up support company who have worked with over 70 start-ups and scale-ups within the last 4 years. Discuss where you need help, support or guidance by choosing from the below, or bring your own questions.

  • How to think about your business differently
  • Understanding how to evolve you or your company in light of recent changes
  • How to manage your business and teams effectively remotely
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TOG x Wonderosity | Self-portraiture, reflections & self-love

Wednesday 24th June 16:00 - 17:00

“If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you going to love anyone else?” Ru Paul makes a very good point. We think we could all do with a bit of self-love right now, and in this session, artist Jake Kuit hosts an insightful masterclass in self-portraiture. Let Jake guide you through portraiture with a twist – the focus and the model is you. Learn how to sketch a self-portrait of yourself with paper, a pen or pencil, a mirror and most importantly, YOU!

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TOG x Pride Series | Voguing masterclass with Jay Jay Revlon

Thursday 25th June 16:00 - 17:00

If you know, you know. But if you don’t, voguing is a stylised, modern house dance originating in the late 1980s which evolved out of the Harlem ballroom scene of 1960s America. Developed and performed by LGBTQ people of colour to create and own their space, it has grown to become a celebration of their culture. This masterclass with vogue icon Jay Jay Revlon, will be an introduction to voguing and prove to be a whole lot of fun during lockdown. All welcome, gin and tonics/light refreshments encouraged.

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