Member events

Our 2023 Member Events programme is both in-person and virtual – the choice is yours. Join TOG Talks each month, where we do deep-dive discussions on a variety of inspired topics. On the 1st Wednesday of each month TOG Networking Nights give you the chance to meet other members.

Mastering the Spotlight: Excelling in High-Pressure Communication

Tuesday 19th September 18:00 - 19:30

Fora, Spitalfields

Speaking confidently on stage, in-front of an audience, on camera, to the media or in any high-pressure situation is so often what people find the biggest challenge as they progress in their careers.

Sylvia Cohen, voice coach and body language expert, will show you how to reach your full potential as an authentic, engaging and impactful speaker and communicator.

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Creators as Catalysts: Transforming brand engagement through authenticity

Thursday 28th September 18:00 - 20:00

TOG, The Black & White Building

Hamish Jenkinson and the panel will explore the intricate intersection of authenticity and technology, covering the stories behind the pixels, as creators step into the limelight as genuine storytellers.’

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Tech Feast | Simulation - Future Proofing and Future Success

Wednesday 11th October 18:00 - 20:00

Fora, Spitalfields

From Fora and TOG, 'Tech Feast’ is the 90-minute event that will leave you smarter about technologies that are impacting (y)our world. This session, we will be exploring simulation, digital clones, agent-based modelling, future views, risk management, and things to do now for future success.

Paul will be joined by Justin Lyon, CEO of Simudyne, a simulation technology company that offers organizations a new way to more effectively harness the power of agent-based modelling, AI and machine learning.

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