Virtual member events

Over the coming months, we’ll be running Business as (un)usual, a series of virtual events, workshops and guides to help you keep positive and productive. Join us to find your new balance, adapt your business, work from home productively with design tips and posture clinics, cook to boost your immunity and meditate to a positive mindset.

TOG x Manor | Virtual workout class

Wednesday 8th July 08:00 - Wednesday 29th July 08:45

Develop strength and tone with this bodyweight-only workout, led by an expert MANOR Coach. Learn how to create maximum muscle activation with simple movements, feel the burn and earn your DOMS.

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TOG x Coyne Partners | Employment law clinic

Tuesday 14th July 10:00 - Tuesday 28th July 17:00

Specialist Employment Law firm and TOG member Coyne Partners are offering free 30-minute telephone or video call consultations to answer employment law, HR and legal questions, particularly for employers, in response to the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their topics include:- Payment and process questions relating to furloughed staff - The impact of furloughing staff on on-going grievance or disciplinary actions - Making redundancies - Paying and looking after staff who are ill, isolating or shielding - Reducing pay and implementing other changes to terms of employment - Meeting safe workspace obligations for homeworkers - Strategy on getting workforce back to full operational capacity post-lockdown.

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TOG x Co Start Up & Go | Pivot clinic

Wednesday 29th July 09:00 - 18:00

Book in for an hour-long 1:1 session to discuss where you or your business need help, support or guidance on the following topics, or bring your own questions.

  • How to think about your business differently
  • Understanding how to evolve you or your company in light of recent changes
  • How to manage your business and teams effectively remotely
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TOG Dogs Series | Why teenage dogs don’t respond to their owners and how to fix it

Thursday 30th July 16:00 - 17:00

Our beloved dogs have moods and phases just like us and some may be heightened or emphasised due to recent lockdown life. Over the years, licensed dog trainer Oli Juste has helped many dog owners communicate with their dogs better, and bond with them using positive reinforcement as well as science-based, force-free methods that are fun for both dogs and humans. In this session, Oli will focus on the teenage dog troubles and ways to fix unresponsive and wilful behaviour.

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TOG x MANOR | Virtual workouts

Wednesday 5th August 08:00 - Wednesday 26th August 08:45

Develop, strength and tone with this bodyweight-only workout, led by an expert MANOR coach. Learn how to maximise muscle activation with simple movements, feel the burn and earn your DOMS.

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TOG x Wonderosity | Macramé workshop

Tuesday 11th August 17:00 - 18:00

A Pinterest favourite and interior design must-have, macramé is the ancient art of textile knotting. This intricate technique is now used to fashion plant hangers, chic decorations, or, in the case of this workshop, a beautiful wall hanging.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about this comeback craft without tying yourself up in knots.

As always with our creative events, your very own Macramé Mailer will be sent to you ahead of the workshop.

Sign-up by 5th August.

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TOG x MANOR | Goal-setting workshop

Friday 14th August 13:00 - 13:45

The future ahead of us may feel a little uncertain at the moment, which can be anxiety-inducing both personally and professionally.

To help us cope with the recent changes and understand how we can best adapt to them, Matt from the MANOR team will guide you through some quick and easy mindset methods to help you set clear and achievable goals and align your future plans with a focused mind. Not to be missed.

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TOG x Bisi Akins | Introduction to: ‘Hi…I’m Black’ series

Tuesday 18th August 16:00 - 17:00

‘Hi...I'm Black’ is a series of conversations between host Bisi Akins, founder of social enterprise Young Gifted Initiative, and her various guests.

Join us for an informed discussions with black professionals about their experiences and how they have navigated their fields as an anomaly in their industries.

A safe space to unite, listen, learn and connect.

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