Virtual member events

Over the coming months, we’ll be running Business as (un)usual, a series of virtual events, workshops and guides to help you keep positive and productive. Join us to find your new balance, adapt your business, work from home productively with design tips and posture clinics, cook to boost your immunity and meditate to a positive mindset.

TOG x triyoga | Yin Yoga

Tuesday 6th April 12:00 - Tuesday 27th April 12:45

The brilliant tutors at triyoga will join us again this month for more great restorative yoga sessions. Aimed at confident beginners or those familiar with yoga, you’ll be guided through a series of deep stretches and meditative pauses, all while focusing on maintaining your core strength. There will be four sessions available to join, on 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th April.

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TOG x Ad Ingenium | HR clinics

Tuesday 6th April 16:00 - Tuesday 27th April 18:00

Many business owners have to juggle running their business, with challenging people scenarios and making important decisions. That’s why this month, fellow TOG member Carly Brunsden will be offering free ‘HR Surgery’ sessions. As a specialist in providing practical, pragmatic HR & People Development support to SMEs, Carly will be offering her sessions every Tuesday throughout April to any members who feel they need it. This will be an opportunity talk through and hopefully find solutions to any of the challenging problems you may have – and all on an entirely confidential basis.

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TOG x Carolyn Cowan | Breathwork practice class

Thursday 8th April 12:30 - 13:30

There’s no denying the impact that the past year has had on all of our lives. And for some of us, the easing of rules might make us feel more anxious than ever. With this in mind, we’ve bought back therapist Carolyn Cowan this Stress Awareness Month, to discuss expert breathing techniques that we can all adopt into our everyday lives. In this session, you’ll learn how to look at breathing as not just a function, but a crucial aspect of your everyday thoughts and feelings, and how you can better utilise it to shape your mind, as well as handle any unwanted stress.

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TOG x Oli The Choc | Easter Egg Making

Thursday 8th April 17:00 - 18:00

Honouring the chocolate lovers amongst us, we’re bringing in master chocolatier ‘Oli The Choc’ to help guide you through your very own Easter Egg making class. We’ll put everything you need for the class in a mailing kit and send it your way, so you’ll be able to get started on your creation as soon as the zoom kicks off. There’s not long to sign up for this one, so if you’re interested, make sure you to register before April 1st to avoid any disappointment.

Unfortunately this event is now sold out.

TOG x Pennies to Pounds | Planning for your future self, post lockdown

Friday 9th April 09:00 - 10:00

This month, we’ll be talking financial literacy with founder and CEO of Pennies to Pounds, Kia Commodore. We’ll be racking Kia’s brains for all her expert advice on things like how to rebuild your savings and save on outings post-lockdown, as well as how your credit score can impact your future and the best way to improve it. Plus, we’ll also be discussing the importance of pensions, the different schemes out there, and just how much you’ll need to save to retire well. 

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TOG x Carolyn Mair | Fashion psychology: The ‘new norm’ for dressing for the workplace

Friday 9th April 10:30 - 11:30

This month journalist Aleks Cvetkovic will be joined by Fashion Psychologist Carolyn Mair, live from Liberty House, to discuss how the pandemic has changed more than just the way we work. It’s changed the way we dress for work too. We’ll be touching on what looks likely to change, how people might represent themselves through different clothes in the workplace, and just what might become the ‘new norm’ once we start to head back into the offices. 

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TOG x triyoga | Gong sound bath and meditation

Wednesday 14th April 17:00 - 18:00

This month, alongside their four other sessions, the brilliant tutors at triyoga will be bringing us an all-absorbing gong sound bath and meditation session for Stress Awareness Month. Aimed at restoring harmony and resonance throughout your body, this form of sound healing meditation is just the ticket for a relaxing mid-week reset. 

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