The Office Group – Broker and Agent Referral and Payment Programme

Office/Studio Office 1 year licence agreement/lease 

Fees due will be calculated at 10% of the initial net effective (i.e. taking into account free periods and stepped increases) licence fee/rent for an office for the first 12 (twelve) months of the licence agreement.  

Office/Studio Office licence agreements/leases longer than 1 year 

Fees due to be calculated at 10% of the initial net effective licence fee/rent for an office for the first 12 (twelve) months of the licence agreement/lease and 2.5% of the initial licence fee/rent for an office for the additional years of the licence agreement/lease.

For the avoidance of doubt, if the client opts to renew the initial licence agreement or lease, no Fees shall be payable for the term of said renewal. 

Virtual Office and Co-Working Memberships

Fees due will be calculated at 10% of the initial contract value up to the first 12 months of any Virtual Office, Co-Working Roam and Co-Working Home Membership.

NB – if the client signs for a monthly rolling Membership, the client must remain with The Office Group for a minimum period of 3 months before fees are paid.

NB - if the client takes an Office or Co-Working studio within the first 12 months of Membership without leaving TOG e.g. continuous tenancy, then 10% of the contract value will be paid up to 12 months of the Membership.

Meeting and Event Spaces 

External Meeting, Event and Conference Room Fees will be calculated at 10% of the total booking value. 


Where a client chooses to extend the square footage they occupy within 12 months of the initial agreement being entered into, Fees will only be paid based on the rate specified in the original agreement up to 12 months from the start date of said initial agreement.  

Break Clauses: 

When an initial agreement provides for a right or rights of termination for either TOG or the client, a Fee will only be paid on a pro-rata basis up to and including the first break date.  Should the break(s) subsequently not be exercised, a Fee will be paid at the initial rate up to 36 months from the commencement date of the initial contracted agreement. If the initial agreement was for  a 12 month duration  only then the fee will be paid up to 12 months. 


Should the client for any reason:

(a)    cease to occupy the relevant space; and/ or

(b)    the client’s original agreement is terminated, for breach or otherwise, during the term by reference to which a Fee has been paid, the Referrer shall give TOG a credit or a refund as elected by TOG in their absolute discretion. Such credit shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis by reference to the length of time the client was actually in occupation and/or their agreement was terminated. Any credits applied shall be deductible against future payments.  

Registering Opportunities: 

The Referrer shall refer all prospect to the Central Sales Desk (CSD) via the email address [email protected]. All enquiries received shall be logged directly into The Office Group CRM system in order to be eligible for commission. An enquiry shall be deemed an Introduction for the purposes of this appointment only where the following information is provided by the Referrer in respect of any enquiries:

(a)    the full name (s) of the potential client and/or the name of the entity with a registered company number where applicable; and

(b)    the approximate square footage the potential client may be occupying.

Acceptance and Rejections:

Only those enquiries which are deemed Introductions for the purposes of this appointment shall be eligible for the payment of Fees.

Upon receipt of an enquiry the Referrer shall receive: 

a)    Acceptance pending completed viewing. 

TOG and the initial referral agent have the opportunity to arrange a viewing for the client.   

  1. Should a secondary referral agent refer the same opportunity without a scheduled viewing they will receive a rejection with overturn as there has yet to be a completed viewing. 
  2. However, should a secondary referring agent successfully arrange a viewing that completes, the referring agent shall receive a full acceptance and the primary introducer will receive a full rejection. 
  3. Should a viewing be booked and completed, this opportunity should be considered a full acceptance and any additional referring agents would then receive a full rejection. 

b)    A rejection with overturn, as there has yet to be a completed viewing. 

c)    A full rejection. 

A full rejection shall be sent when: 

  1. The client has been directly in contact with TOG prior to a broker/agent Introduction.  TOG will NOT overturn opportunities that have been received directly.  Any decisions to overturn a direct Introduction shall be made solely the Sales Manager or Team Leader  
  2. The client has already viewed from the point of the new introduction and is an active opportunity/requirement. 
  3. The client is already a member of TOG. 
  4. The client has been a member of TOG within the last 3 months/60 days 


Regardless of which Referrer first sends an Introduction to TOG the Introduction will be assigned to the Referrer who arranges a completed viewing. Should this viewing result in a sale, the Referrer who arranges the completed viewing shall be credited with the Fee. In the event that TOG arranges a viewing, and not the referring agency, then the Referrer that first sent the Introduction will be credited with the Fee. 

Duplicate Viewings 

Should the circumstance arise whereby TOG has instructed multiple agents/brokers to arrange viewings on their behalf, TOG shall accept the first viewing scheduled.  Should any subsequent party wish to schedule a viewing TOG will not accept another viewing for that given client.  If however the client does not attend the viewing or cancels either before or after the date booked, the 24 hour rule applies.  Please note that if the client fails to attend the first viewing, additional viewings are not permitted to be scheduled until the subsequent working day. 

Should any disputes arise all decisions will be at the discretion of the Head of Sales and or the Sales Manager.  Any decisions will be considered final. 

Leads and information 

The potential client’s name must always be provided upon arranging a viewing in order to secure a fee should the client take space. The Referrer agrees that GDPR does not prohibit it in these circumstances from sharing the relevant information. 

If not attending a viewing with a client, TOG will require name, contact email and phone number for the person attending and TOG reserves the right to refuse a viewing if this information is withheld.