ITN Business x The Office Group: The future of work is flex 

The Office Group’s CEO Enrico Sanna and Lead Architect, Sophie Werren, discuss the benefits of a flexible workspace with ITN Business. 

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27 Jun 23

2 mins.

Ideas to change the world: Na’amal

Social enterprise Na’amal is wielding the power and flexibility of remote work to change refugees’

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7 Feb 23

6 mins.

Retrofit or rebuild? How to reimagine a building

When it comes to giving buildings new lives, is it better to demolish or refurbish them? The answer

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29 Nov 22

7 mins.

TOG x POoR Collective: The results of our Makers & Mentors programme

We showcase the brilliant design pieces fashioned by the participants of our inaugural mentorship

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20 Jan 23

4 mins.

TOG Talk: How to Speak So Others Listen

Learn to influence the people around you with Cath Baxter, a professional voice coach and public

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29 Jun 23

2 mins.

TOG Talk: AI: Seeing is Believing

Discover the true creative potential of AI in this fascinating TOG Talk. It’s hosted by Hamish

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10 May 23

2 mins.

TOG Talk X The Now Work - Reimagining how impact work happens

The people working in sustainability are burnt out and overworked – and we’ve never needed them more

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3 May 23

2 mins.