Report: The work wardrobe embraces a flexible future

TOG explores how our clothes and our working environment affect the way we think, feel and act

To celebrate the opening of our new creative work space, Liberty House, TOG commissioned a survey with 2,000 UK office workers to explore changing attitudes towards fashion, the work wardrobe and the post-pandemic working environment. Professor Carolyn Mair, a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, analysed the survey’s results to paint a picture of what we want from our working environment as we return to the office this spring.

Her findings support the instincts of many forward-thinking businesses. Following more than 12-months of working from home, employees now prioritise flexibility and comfort in terms of where we work and what we choose to wear. The report outlines how 36% of people are happier in their role when they can dress to suit their own style, 38% want to have a more relaxed working environment and lifestyle, and 62% want to adopt hybrid working (mixing home and office working) on return to the office.

For all these insights and more, download the report here