Human Rights Policy


Respect for human rights is a fundamental requirement for all businesses and central to their relationships with their stakeholders. The Office Group (“TOG”) also looks to be a good neighbour and a pro-active member of the communities where it operates.

TOG supports the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

This policy applies to all of the company’s operations and sites.



TOG is committed to ensuring that everyone affected by the company’s activities is treated with respect.

TOG is committed to identifying, preventing, and mitigating adverse human rights impacts resulting from or caused by its business activities before or if they occur.


TOG recognises its impact on the communities it creates within its workplaces and within the locality of its sites. TOG strives to be a good neighbour at all times. The company is committed to engaging with its communities to ensure that it is listening to, learning from and taking into account their views as it conducts its business. Where appropriate, TOG is committed to engaging in dialogue with stakeholders on human rights issues related to its businesses and the environment in which they operate.


TOG values the diversity of both its employees and members and has a commitment to equal opportunity. TOG is committed to its workplaces being welcoming to everyone at all times and free from discrimination or harassment. TOG prohibits disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour and harassment.

These principles also apply to the business partners with whom TOG works.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

TOG supports employees’ right to join, form or not to join a trade union without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. Where employees are represented by a legally recognised union, TOG is committed to establishing a constructive dialogue with their freely chosen representatives. TOG is committed to bargaining in good faith with such representatives.

Slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and child labour

TOG is fundamentally opposed to slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and child labour. TOG will not employ people under the age of 16 and will ensure that all employment with the group is voluntary.

TOG will not conduct business with any organisation that it becomes aware is engaged activities that involve slavery, forced or child labour.


If any TOG employee becomes aware of any instances of non-compliance with this policy they should report those issues to their line manager or the human resources department. If any TOG Member becomes aware of any such instances they should report the same to the Building Manager of their TOG Building.

If any incident does arise in respect of a TOG employee that is deemed to be in breach of this policy, the incident will be managed in line with TOG’s Disciplinary Procedure and such an employee may be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal.

If any incident arises with a third party, TOG may seek to terminate any agreement with thatthird party or their ability to occupy a TOG Building.