TOG Office Space Licence Referral Scheme – Terms and Conditions

1. Referral Options

Subject to the following terms and conditions, where a referrer (“Referrer”) introduces a referee (“Referee”) to TOG and that Referee enters into a licence or short term lease granted by TOG, to use office space (excluding any additional fees or costs incurred for services other than use of offices), for up to 12 months (the "TOG Licence"),TOG will pay the Referrer a referral fee, which shall amount to 5% of the fees paid to TOG, up to a total of £20,000 (the “Fee”), herein described as the "Referral Scheme".

2. Who can take part?

2.1 The Referral Scheme is open to all including any current TOG Members including individuals and organisations, who introduce a Referee to TOG on or after 1st November 2019 notwithstanding the exclusions at 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.

2.2 Each Referrer may make as many separate referrals as they wish but may not refer the same organisation or individual more than once.

2.3 The Referral Scheme will not be open to employees of TOG, their families, agents or any third party directly associated with the administration of the Referral Scheme.

2.4 TOG reserves the right not accept referrals between group companies or from directors or employees of connected or affiliated companies. TOG shall be entitled but not under an obligation to pay the Fee to any Referrer if it deems it appropriate to do so and in every case TOG's decision shall be final.

2.5 TOG reserves the right to withhold payment of a Fee to any Referrer with outstanding and overdue debts to TOG.

2.6 TOG will only pay a Fee to one Referrer for each Referee.

3. How does it work?

3.1 In order to participate in the Referral Scheme the Referee must have entered into a TOG Licence office space agreement on standard TOG T&Cs and inform TOG at the point of entering into a TOG Licence for office space agreement the name of their Referrer.

3.2 TOG reserves the right to refuse to pay a Fee to any party under the Referral Scheme if the name of the Referrer has not been provided in accordance with term 3.1.

3.3 TOG will pay all Fees due under the Office Space Referral Scheme once all sums owed by the relevant Referee have been paid for the period used to calculate the Fee. Payment will be made by TOG, by BACS (or other form of electronic transfer) within 30 days of presentation of a valid invoice and provision of all necessary bank details.

3.4 Any tax payable on Fees will be the sole responsibility of the Referee and TOG accepts no liability in relation to any VAT or other tax owed.

4. General

4.1 Referees and Referrers are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms upon informing TOG that they wish to participate in the Referral Scheme in accordance with term 3.1.

4.2 TOG reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the terms of the Referral Scheme if it becomes aware of any breach of the terms or abuse of the Referral Scheme.

4.3 TOG may discontinue the Referral Scheme at any time, in its absolute discretion.

4.4 New offers and promotions offered by TOG may not be available in conjunction with the Referral Scheme – additional terms and conditions may apply.

4.5 Referrers and Referees are responsible for ensuring that they are not prohibited either by contract or any statutory or legal obligation or duty from accepting a Fee and TOG accepts no liability in respect of a failure by a Referrer or Referee to adhere to this term 4.5.   

4.6 Insofar as is permitted by law, TOG, will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate any party or accept any liability for any loss, damage suffered by a party as a result of participation in the Referral Scheme.

4.6 Personal data supplied by a Referrer or Referee whilst participating in the Referral Scheme will be dealt with in accordance with the TOG Privacy Policy.

4.7 The operation of the Referral Scheme will be governed by English law and participants in the promotion submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.